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Our greatest challenge in life is to to become the most complete and vital individual we possibly can be. In life, we lose connection to ourselves, our talents, and our basic goodness. My job is to help you connect to that basic goodness which leads you to your natural vitality, passion and creativity. My three main passions involve working with Mid-Life Crises, Teens with a "Quarter Life" Crises, and people who are struggling with an attendant loss of meaning in life, often accompanied by depression and anxiety.

We will be exploring to satisfy and fulfill relationships, vocations, and beyond. To connect you to yourself at a deep level using Dreams, Sand Play, Personal Journaling and Active Imagination. These creative ways tap into the unconscious wisdom within, which can lead to a more authentic and rewarding life.

"The true history of the mind is not preserved in learned volumes but in the living psychic organism of every individual." C. G. Jung

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